A flawed woman finding refuge in a broken world.


Hello, my name is Maribel Lopez Hill.

I am a soon-to-be single Queen & empty nester.

My journey is full of peaks and valleys... trying not to get lost in the weeds of Life. I will share my religious, poetic, and spontaneous writings, including lyrics.

Let me warn you now... I'm a quirky, bold, and unafraid artist.

This is Season 3, and it's been a doozy getting to this point. Feel free to ride along... just buckle up, Lovie. It's a hair blowin' adventure!!!

Singer | Songwriter | Storyteller | Wordsmith | Philanthropist | Adventurer | Survivor

Blog Posts & Musings

Life leaves me no other choice than to become an Original. I'm leaning into it full throttle.

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Let's ride, my friend.