A Revival? Could it be happening in your church?

Revival time!


Maribel Lopez Hill

5/8/20132 min read

person wearing gray jacket
person wearing gray jacket

This is a note to all who are experiencing a revival in their churches:

Last Sunday, Preacher Man (my affectionate name for our Pastor, Neil Tomba) was bringing home the uncomfortable/all human Truth. Pride blocks the Gospel.

Why is he choosing to camp on this for the next six weeks? We all suffer from this in some area of our lives, right? I know I do.

My guess as to why Preacher Man is on this very topic is because our church is experiencing a Revival, an unexplainable Gift straight from God. And we, as man, can become jealous and envious of one another. We, as man, may believe good things are happening at our church because of personal performance or personal power, not Divine appointment DIRECTED SOLELY by God. We think we are needed. We need to understand only one thing: God needs no one. We need God.

PRIDE and EGO stifle Revival... it can even kill it, if left unchecked and undisciplined.

Whoever you are in this Revival know this: No title or position can trump the discipline God will bestow. The Lord puts people together for HIS PURPOSE. It's His doing, not ours. We should PRAY for the ones being used, and pray TO BE USED for His Glory. You cannot make it happen. The Lord alone does this. If you are not a team player for God and his Revival, if you are hindering this, then you need to sit down in the pew and pray... until you are right with God's plan for our church. And that goes for everyone, in every position. We need to be right with one another. It's part of the Revival. It cements togetherness. And it eliminates pride/ego. We realize that each one is being used to fulfill God's plan, not only for our church, but for God's Kingdom here on earth... as a whole.

Several months ago, I was praying on this topic. It was heavy on my heart because I could visually see the jealousy, and the control/manipulation. I heard the Holy Spirit say that He will take care of this in our church. His exact words were, "I will remove it. Nothing comes before Me." God will remove anything and anyone He sees who is undermining our togetherness. Be forewarned. Pray. He has been clear.

If you don't know exactly what a Revival is, I just found an article that does a decent job explaining it. http://www.pentecostalpioneers.org/whatisrevivaljones.html

My prayer, for myself, and all who worship in God's name is this:

23Search me, O God, and know my heart: try me, and know my thoughts:

24And see if there be any wicked way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting.

Psalm 139:23-24 #DOIT

May God continue to bless our church, and the churches worldwide who are experiencing Revivals! It's His Fire and Glory on earth!!!

Praise be ALL to You, Father!

May we be a people worthy of Your Son, Jesus!!! Amen.

~maribel hill