At the edge of the windy world tonight...

... pensive.


Maribel Lopez Hill

10/26/20131 min read

sunset over the sea with beach
sunset over the sea with beach

It's cool and windy tonight... pensive on the porch by the sea.

And my mind begins to wander:

Woman respects Man.

Man loves Woman.

How does it begin?

God made Man first.

To lead.

And so Man Loves selflessly.

What is born in Love... gains... Respect and Honor.

Wandering on to:

What if we took this idea to brother and sisterhood? What if I saw my daughter, not only as my daughter, but also my sister in Christ? What if I started to see my neighbor and my church friends like this? Going beyond my immediate family thinking... really grasping just how many numbers of brothers and sisters I have in Christ. It's powerful. It's Unity. It's reach is immeasurable. Imagine what that would look like in a church? At your work? On the soccer fields? In the grocery store? At the mall? In traffic?

It would be God Driven Synergy. It would be Holy Spirit Power at full throttle in that given second. Imagine how many people would feel Jesus in that moment... and change their lives forever? And how many moments have we missed already?

My soul yearns for this. I want it soo badly... like I've never wanted anything before.


Yearn with me.


~ maribel