Experiencing the hands and feet of Jesus...

... oh the JOY!


Maribel Lopez Hill

10/12/20142 min read

grayscale photo of woman hugging baby
grayscale photo of woman hugging baby

I met a woman last week, a massage therapist, who has the gift of healing hands... and let me preface it with this: I have been to countless massage therapists since college.

... like I see/feel souls when I look into one's eyes... she feels the body and knows where to go... and the first time I was there, I noticed that she prays/meditates as she moves around the body in search of pain...

Mathew 18:20-For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.

... My second visit was today. She greeted me as a Christian spiritual sister, and told me that the instant she laid her hands on my broken body... she knew I was a slave to God... & she knew we were 'family' since last week. She told me other things as well... about my spirit... and how I operate...

... I want you to know... I was there 90 minutes. This time, she spoke Truth... the Word... the entire time as she was working on my body. There was mutual sharing... raising my hand over and over again... she saying things to me that God has specifically been talking to me about... over the last 3 weeks... EXACT words I have heard the Holy Spirit speak to me in the dead of night...

... We were 'Hallelujah Jesus & Amen & Praising'... over and over again... it was exhilarating...

Jesus was in the room, I am certain of it.

This is how God works in my life. Have you had an encounter with Jesus through someone, or through an incident?

Please don't dismiss Him.

... Be ready and open to Hear God speak to you through others. He is very present in this world. He is ready and waiting for you to INVITE Him in.

... She said something to me as she finished... about something soooo specific... only God could have revealed it to her.

... So grateful for the blessings that others bring to my life...

Thank You, Jesus, for Your amazing relentless LOVE!!!

I feel it over and over again... through the peaks and valleys of my life... You are there... You are always there...

Blowing you kisses from earth,

~ maribel