I skipped bible study this morning...

... a light bulb moment.


Maribel Lopez Hill

10/9/20152 min read

a pen and headphones sitting on a window sill
a pen and headphones sitting on a window sill

Hello Friend,

I just need to stop for 2 minutes and share this with you.

I woke up this morning with a serious 'feeling' that I needed to stay home and work on the piano... I felt a 'push' to stop and make room for this time. So, due to this unexpected prompting, I rearranged my plans and cancelled on today's bible study immediately ( I attended the same one last night). I know it's a divine appointment, and the buck stops there.

A little background... my piano instructor is a jazz improvisation beast, and gifted teacher/mentor. He knows my strengths/weakneses in piano... because he once walked in my shoes... in thinking... and in processing style... the "all this music trapped in my head" issue. He understands that I really do need a conduit, per se, like the well rounded all encompassing piano. My teacher studies how I learn, and is so gifted... he knows how to teach to my strengths and encourages me amid my weaknesses... at the same time. So, based on this style of my personal learning, he has me explore outside of class, musically. Visually. Audibly. Physically. Mathematically.

This morning I sat down to watch a few improvisation techniques... and practiced again.

All of a sudden... what was going on between the ears... began to play through the fingers... it all began to flow... aligning thoughts and physical action simultaneously. This can be very difficult for me at times.

It's like the light went ON. Finally!

Don't ask me off the top of my head what key I am in every time I switch up. I don't understand it all.

I don't need to.

It's flowing and that is all that matters in this moment. I never play the same thing twice, and yet... I might want come around to it again, sometime. What an incredible, unexpected, and #Joyous #God we serve.

So now that the improvisation concept has been unlocked/understood, so begins my 'walk' in it. Thank You, Jesus, for every every every thing.

Thank You... for every moment... of every day.

Thank You, for the teachers and mentors in my life. I know they are gifts from You, Lord.

Your blessings touch my soul... so tenderly.

your daughter who loves You,

~ maribel