Like a seed...

... how do you grow?


Maribel Lopez Hill

1/28/20151 min read

brown and white wooden round frame
brown and white wooden round frame

Hello friend,

As I lie here sick in bed, I feel a 'push' to share this short thought with you today... and it's so awkward. In fact, I feel quite vulnerable... it's very personal... but I am going to #doit anyway.

Here it goes:

As I go about my days and nights, I many times hear #truth resonate within my soul, FIRST. It occurs in most every situation... whether I am very still/quiet, studying, or in deep conversation with others. I am simultaneously listening for His direction/guidance/revelation. Some who observe me might conclude I am a little 'spaced out'. Know that I am not aloof, whatsoever, in these moments. Rather, I am intensely concentrating... I am living in two realms, the earthly and the divine... at the very same time (did I just see you pull away from your screen? :-) It's ok. Please hang with me here for another minute).

Many times I am then guided to the Word (The Bible), for what God is trying to reveal/say to me in that moment/situation. It's like the Word is somewhere inside of me... then I go to visually see it in biblical letter form. I am not one who has hundreds of verses memorized. I am one who feels scripture living inside of my soul... thus creating a more exacting/fulfilling life.

How does God engage your soul? Have you felt His nudging, lately?

The Holy Spirit takes up residence in ALL who are open and willing to receive Him. He loves us so much!

May your day be full of His love, grace and peace.

That is all...