Marinating on self-righteousness & hypocrisy...

Can you feel His Love?.


Maribel Lopez Hill

3/26/20151 min read

two women sitting while making love hand sign at daytime
two women sitting while making love hand sign at daytime

Hello friend,

It's been coming for the last several hours... These thoughts:

How can we be clothed in Christ (Wear Me)... or say we are... when we choose to 'take off' Grace, Mercy & Love, and 'put on' self-righteousness? In any given situation, or sin?

Can you see how the outside world views us as hypocrites... from the top down?

The real question here is: CAN YOU SEE your sin, first, before you see it in others?

Do you see how we do not represent His Grace or Love when we are self-righteous?

Are we LIVING OUT His Grace, Mercy & Love, or are we giving lip service to the world... and worse... giving lip service to God? I can speak of this because... on occasion... I partake in this sin of self-righteousness as well... so we are in company here, together.

Jesus did not mince 'words' for all of us on this... in the Book of Matthew, chapter 23. I urge you to marinate on it. It's convicting.

There is NO Godly leadership... unless we are clothed 'in Christ.' Anything less... is fraudulent. It requires our total surrender and buy in. We don't get to choose when we want to be this way. We are just to BE this way... clothed in Christ. Period.

Dear Lord, You always know the path ahead & prepare me abundantly when I yield to You... You hem me in, and remind me consistently to remember You... and 'wear You.' I realize it's not about how I want to do things or what I think, but how you want me to represent You in this broken world. It's Your way always and 24/7, not mine. You ALONE are Teacher, Master & Life Leader. Thank You for the loving way you reveal this to me. Thank You for the gift of the Holy Spirit... who is my best friend, and confidante... for without You, I am lost. In Jesus' name I pray, Amen.

~ maribel