On our Jacob and worshipping today...



Maribel Lopez Hill

4/8/20132 min read

religious concert performed by a band on stage
religious concert performed by a band on stage

We have a 7 yr. old son, named Jacob. He is a lover of people. I call him our 'Nathan'. Straight up and not afraid to gently call anyone out. Today was a special day for him. We, the vocal team, were leading worship, and during "Christ is Risen," I look down and see that Jacob has his hand up as high as he can get it! Furthermore, I know he is singing the song word for word at the top of his melodic lungs. And he keeps his right hand up until the song is over. It was all I could do to not burst out in joyful tears while singing. It is the first time I had ever seen him do that. So when I got home and settled in, I asked him these questions outside:

'Jacob, I saw you today. You raised your hand to God. He says," Yes, I did." Was that your first time? He says, "Yes."

Well I saw it. How did it make you feel when you had your hand up like that? He says," It felt really great," as he and sister are sawing wood pieces to make crosses.

So I say... I remember how I felt the first time I raised my hands up to God, son. How did you feel right before you raised your hand? He said, " I felt a little scared." I felt a little scared too... today is a big day, Jake! He smiled.

(I finally asked him what I really wanted to know)... So do you think you will raise your hand again in church sometime? He turns his head, and nods a solid YES. We locked eyes, and it was over.'

And it occurred to me... or should I say confirmed to me... the correlation between hands raised and our surrender to God. When I raise my hands up, I am openly acknowledging my God in heaven, the King of Kings.

And years before, when I wouldn't (because of fear and judgement) raise my hands up, God did not rule me. Only when I chose Him to. That was the bottom line.

Raising your hands IS a visible sign of surrendering to God. You acknowledge and respect

His Authority, as He respects and loves us, His children.

So try it sometime. If you find that you are unable to do it at church, try it in the privacy of your bedroom. Put on some praise and worship music (94.9 in Dallas, 96.9 in Surfside), and give Him All the Glory!!! And have some fun and Joy whoopin' it up for the Lord. Dance if you feel led to! I sure do!

I bet... if you try this... and do it often... it just might change your life. It did mine. When I raise my hands up, I know He reigns in my life. And I am comforted by this thought. And I try to hold on to that thought for as long as I can. And when I feel myself slipping away from Him, I just raise my hands up... again... and again... and again. As a flawed woman, I will be raising my hands up until He comes for me. Of this I am certain.

Thank You, Jesus.

Those are my thoughts at this moment. Enjoy your day.

May it be peace filled knowing that He loves you.



p.s. I do want be clear. If you don't feel like raising your hands, that is perfectly ok with me. I am just sharing our experiences. :-)