On sharing the Joy of Jesus with strangers…

Give me Jesus.


Maribel Lopez Hill

5/10/20133 min read

woman spreading arms beside tree during daytime
woman spreading arms beside tree during daytime

Several months ago, the Holy Spirit said that I needed to write. It's part of the whole ‘open your mouth’ command. So that's what I'm doing. Last night I was up much of the night praying about random witnessing. Why is it that we as Christians are so comfortable with witnessing to/with our fellow christians, but we hesitate to witness to a stranger? Are we not to spread the Good News to all?

It’s often said that the more you do something, the easier it gets. And when you do it in the name of Jesus, you begin to no longer see yourself. Who you are, is irrelevant. What you look like to others, is irrelevant. What they think of you, is irrelevant. What matters is what Jesus thinks of me. That's it. It’s like breaking out of the cocoon… of sel

Those who are called to minister to others need to stand firm and boldly in His Name. And we are all ministers in Jesus' Name. We need to be witnessing to strangers, daily. And everywhere. People need to see the Love of Jesus when they see you!

Jesus is growing me in this part of my life. And I want to share this with you as a form of encouragement to the ones who struggle with this, like me. When I first started doing this, it was awkward. Very very uncomfortable.

An example this week:

Every time I go to Sam's, I put my headset on and listen to praise and worship music. I love to sing to the Lord, and Praise His name! The blonde lady who checks my Sam's card already knows this is going to happen, because I see her every week. I start shopping. As I'm shopping, I am singing praise and worship songs… aloud. I move around a little bit too! I receive all kinds of looks. Many smile, some wonder if I have had a little too much caffeine, and some scowl. I've grown accustomed to ignore the faces. What I'm doing is not to please them, it's to please God. We are to spread God's Love and Joy, especially to the unbelievers. I want you to know that no one at Sam's has ever told me to quit singing. Most of the time people literally step aside to let me pass, so as not to interrupt the singing. Thank You, Jesus!!!

On my way out on Tuesday, a policeman was at the exit door. As he saw me coming from a distance, I could see he was sizing me up. But as I got closer, and he could hear the praising, he began smiling… and so did the exit man checking my stuff. Thank You, Jesus, for your faithfulness… it’s soo awkward sometimes being obedient to You.

I cling to what I hear when I read God's Word, “Spread My Love and Joy to all… no matter the price.” This means that I need to get out of my comfort zone, and be uncomfortable most of the time. It's not easy. There are moments that it's downright scary.That's when I begin to pray, and pray, and pray. He is so faithful!!!

What are you doing to spread God's Love and Joy, today… and every day? It's what we're called to do as Disciples of Christ. Are you a benchwarming believer, or are you a full field player in the promotion of Christ's Kingdom?

I pray that wherever you are, the Holy Spirit descends down on you, and sets you on fire for Jesus!!! It's the most satisfying thing you will ever do in your life. Nothing on earth can touch it. #DOIT

These are my thoughts today.