On tests of obedience...

... a sanctification process.


Maribel Lopez Hill

1/6/20152 min read

silhouette of a woman with pink and purple sky
silhouette of a woman with pink and purple sky

Dear friend,

So much has happened over the last several months... I am not going to go into great detail at this time. It will be unraveled... Let's just say I have been through a series of tests/trials, etc.

Some are still ongoing.

I have spent the last few weeks over Christmas/New Years marooned on a somewhat deserted island, and looking forward to spending some quiet time with God. He is so faithful. In my trials, I have been asking for specific directionon what I should do/say/not say/not do.

I was/am in NEED of HIM, badly.

A quick sideline: 3 years ago, at Christmastime, He gave me a strong rebuking for withholding myself from Him, specifically in worship. Although noone could see this, He did/does. That revelation/rebuking immediately left me face planted & seeking forgiveness... and giving Him my word that I would boldly/shamelessly walk through every door He opened no matter how scared I was. In essence... I would slay myself... at the risk of looking foolish to the rest of the world.

Two things did happen over the break:

1). I received a specific 'Word' in the middle of the night Sat/Sun morning. I woke up and immediately talked to my husband about it. It had been the same word I felt 'pushed' on me by the Holy Spirit last Fall... and I told a godly woman in my home church about it at that time. What's interesting is that our visit transpired only because the Holy Spirit spontaneously led her to drive to my house, then text me to see if I was home... to talk. She told me that the Holy Spirit had directed her to come. So grateful for my friend's obedience! This is how God works in my life and yours... beautiful welcomed interruptions... :-)

2). What I also received over the break, listen:

If GOD sets you on fire & man says be but a spark... which master do you serve?

Strong winds fan/feed the one, and extinguish the other. To serve The One means to unseat the 'other'.

Dear brother or sister, what is your 'other?' May I ask which one are you... a spark or a fire?

Which one do you think God made you to be?

For me, I wish to only be enslaved (in service) to The One who has freed me... and I am all ablaze... all ablaze...

I cannot go back to who I was. I gave Him my word... three years ago. And I will do whatever it takes... close anydoor... to keep my promise to Him. I owe Him my life, and my future

Looking forward to all the 'OPEN' doors God has planned in 2015... Wahoo!!!!

To Him BE all the Glory, All the Praise, and All the Worship!!!

In Jesus' name I pray, Amen.