Our creation and suffering... a thought came as I read the Word today.

Tend to yourself.


Maribel Lopez HIll

4/11/20131 min read

silhouette photography of woman doing yoga
silhouette photography of woman doing yoga

After sin entered the picture, man had to toil from the land in order to sustain life (Genesis 3:23). Could that be God’s way of saying to each of us, “work on yourselves, dear children!!! I expect you to work on yourselves on earth. i.e., refine or study or ???”

It is, after all, from the very ground from which we came, in essence... we are toiling/laboring into our very selves. And it's painful...(We do come from the very dirt we now work so hard to extract from). It’s something to ponder...

Us working on ourselves. Through God's Word.

Thank You, Jesus, for revealing this thought through Your word this morning. I LOVE You.

~ maribel