So I just retired last month... and now this?


Maribel Lopez Hill

11/2/20122 min read

woman sitting on bench over viewing mountain
woman sitting on bench over viewing mountain

I retired last month from a real estate career spanning almost 2 decades. During my career I had reached the pinnacle of titles, production, and accreditations. Although I will continue to do it for my family, I did leave it for good... publicly. And I haven't missed it one bit. My real estate career, in an earthly way, defined my life and who I was.

It's over, and I don't even think about it. :-)

How is that? Why is that? It's simple, really.

I have had a massive collision with God, through the Holy Spirit over the last 18 months. What mattered before, doesn't matter now. Our relationship is active and alive... more on that later.

I had been consistently pursued/pushed by God since 2001. And I willfully shut the door on that until last year. My disobedience came at a price, and I didn't even realize it. He was asking me to do more than I was. I felt like I was doing enough... leading bibles studies, being a decent person, etc.

He kept AND keeps saying, "Open your mouth, and I will take care of the rest." Now, I am in a period of serious obedience, hence the new blog. :) Transformation is taking place in real time in my life. I am supposed to tell anyone who will listen about this relationship with God. He is closing and opening doors... my focus has completely shifted.

It started in the pew... paralyzed to worship him with my entire being. I couldn't connect what was in my heart to my outward expressions of the Love, Joy, and Adoration I felt for Him. I was locked up, you could say. I couldn't raise my hands in gratitude, although my love ran deep for God at the time.

What changed this? Lots and lots of suffering. You see, I am quite broken... mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. More on that as time passes.

I hope this blog serves as a testament to others... you can find hope and peace in a world that provides none.

There is so much to tell, friends! God is present and very much here with us.

For many, my story will be of great comfort.

However, what is happening to me is going to rattle some of you to the core and test your own Faith, or lack thereof.

It will no doubt compel you to ask, " Who in the world is Maribel, and why is God using her and not me?" The fact of the matter is this: God uses anyone who is willing to be used for His purpose.

This is my story. May God be glorified through my brokenness and my unrelenting Faith that no matter what comes my way, I have Him... Always and Forever. Praise be to You, Almighty!

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Until next time.

Worshipping God Shamelessly,