We might be a 'money lovin' church if...

... don't forget His mission.


Maribel Lopez Hill

8/29/20156 min read

white and black striped crew neck shirt
white and black striped crew neck shirt

Good Morning, friend.

I woke up writing this morning... early. I could not get to my iPad fast enough… flooded with words.

This is for my fellow brethren, in Christ...

Today's entry falls under a, 'You might be a redneck if,' template. :-)

We might be a ‘money lovin' Church if:

1). When IN words we are calling on the 'Holy Spirit to dwell IN us,' but yet refuse to accept His presence… in His own House!

We must never lose sight... of the quantifiable fact... that it is very bad news for us… if He is not authentically welcomed in His House. A grievous thing this is.

2). When Holy Spirit filled individuals ‘are systematically removed' from the congregation (God’s people who are using their Holy Spirit manifested gifts before and among their brethren)... in order to not make 'some people' feel uncomfortable, i.e., the ‘money people',' and/or worse... catering to those who are void of the understanding of The Word alltogether! How many of God's people are we going to ask to quietly leave? How MANY have we run off already, my dear brothers... and we wonder why the church is dead? Can we conclude that God is grieved? What a mess.(1 Cor 12:1-31, 1 Peter 4)

How many times will we deny Him? Who are we trying to please? What are we afraid of?

That what He says isn't true?

Do you really believe... or is it lip service? I am asking this question… it needs to be answered by you… between God and you… a heart–to-heart on this matter… a coming to Jesus… preferably as soon as possible… because we are burning daylight.

But we're too busy caught up in the ‘seen’ of Christianity, not #INChrist... my friend.

3). The Word of God is not followed. (Lk 16:13, Mt 6:24) Self-explanatory.

4). Favoritism is shown… not good at all. (Lev 19:15, Ro 2:11, James 2)

These are just a few of the subtle signs.

There are many signs. Just look around.


I call it #CountryClubChristianity.

It leads His people astray.

Just like any other trendy type Christianity… distorting the Word… thus… dead.

Calling all the messengers! We need God’s people in the pews, shining His Light brightly wherever in the world you are!

'Come back!!! God’s kingdom here... on earth... dwells IN YOU!'

It’s Revival time!!!

We need to see the Holy Spirit manifested in/among our brethren so badly. Our fellow brethren are playing with fire... wavering in unbelief! Pray for them, and for all of us.

We are so blinded by this world's illusions. Have we completely lost sight of the Truth?

Through the Holy Spirit, God provides visual/seen confirmations of His divine Hope, Love, Grace, Redemption, Tender Mercies and His Miracles. The manifestation of God (through the Holy Spirit) is ever present, just as He says. And yet... the church doesn't want this?!? Can we agree that we are promoting and teaching... a major disconnect with God? There are no words to express...the utter horror... of our lack of respect... to and for our God.

Let me finally ask you the question: Who in their ‘right minds,’ wouldn’t desire God's Presence, His Love???

Only His wayward children.

This is why no matter what the situation is:

We must go to The Word of God (The Bible), First. Do not be deceived, brethren. Test and discern through The Word... always TO and THROUGH The Word. Don’t believe me. We must go to the Word and learn for ourselves! Test and approve. Test and approve. Test and approve.

In the quietness, before you begin to pray or get in the Word, you may want to #ASKHim to speak to your mind… heart… and soul. Every time. Ask Him. Ask Him all kinds of things. He wants to hear from us all the time! He never tires of us… imagine that… He loves us that much and so much more... stick to His teachings. Love Him first, and all the way. Love others the way He loves you. Be immovable. Be Bold. Don't hold grudges. Live abundantly. Forgive often. Tell the Truth. Be obedient. Be generous. Be honorable. Reside peacefully. No violence. Communicate respectfully. Be vocal. Be wise. Be compassionate. Have boundaries. Be humble. Love your enemies. Pray for your enemies. Welcome the Prodigals. Spread His Joy... to the ends of the earth.

Never ever throw away or discard His people. He didn't do that to you... or me. Lord, have mercy on us!

Don't do it anymore. It grieves Him. We know He weeps for us. (John 11:35)

I digressed a bit… oopsy.

Should you happen to be in one of these idol /(money) worshipping churches and IN Christ, I urge you to stay, pray, and allow the Holy Spirit to minister to them... through you. Loose yourselves in your giftings of the Holy Spirit! Partner/engage in bringing the hope of Christ to others. He is visibly seen, and felt… in you… and through you. You are a vessel. He is ALL Glory. What a privilege we have IN Christ... only in Him.

As Christians, we are called (1 Pet 2:9) to minister and witness in the darkest of places… #BeHisLight. Don't be afraid. If you have received the gift of the Holy Spirit, you cannot be eternally harmed… your soul CAN already BE living in victory here… do you know this? Allow your soul to engage with the Holy Spirit's indwelling! Don’t fight it. Surrender. Be free… IN Christ!

The ones who know the Word... and so are the ones who know better… and nevertheless oppress… woe to us, dear brethren.

He sees and knows it all. He knows our exact skin in that ‘game.' He doesn’t like us to play games with Him. He hears our silence on the matter. He knows our complacency and avoidance in our thinking, 'Let someone else deal with this.' He sees our fear of telling man about His Truths... and standing at the line ON His Truths. He has a strange exactness for exposing self-preservation at any level. Let us never forget... He IS God. (Ps 139).

We must turn from our worldly ways.

Be done with this, please.

Repent. For the Love of God’s people and all mankind, repent.

I am begging you. I am pleading with you.

Sin no more.


We must die to our love and worship of money/idols before it's too late!

Imposters will be sifted. God is no fool.

Understand that the Holy Spirit of God doesn’t fit into man’s programs. The Holy Spirit of God is the ONLY thing going ON in His House! WE are to work around Him, and not the other way around. He is clear. It's HIS POWER on display for all the world to see and praise every second of the day... not ours. The End.

My prayer for every #ChristBelievingChurch… in this world… in the throws of idol worship:

Dear Father, forgive us! Please forgive us. I am so sorry for this idol worshipping in Your own House! It reeks of the dead… and dying! Only Your Presence can set Your Church on fire. Only Your Presence heals. Only Your Love fully restores. Only Your Grace sets us free. Only Your Mercy tells us that we are children of the Most High King! So grateful are we, Father, for Your patience and kindness…You love us… so much. We pray that every 'Country Club Church' repents and turns from their sin, immediately. We pray that the Church… as a whole... does not take advantage of Your patient Love and Grace. We pray for ALL LEADERSHIP in all churches worldwide to be trained and to walk IN the Truth... We pray that #UnityINChrist is received, engaged, and lived out amongst all Your Peoples! We pray that our lives are a testimony to Your Unwavering Love, to Your ever Present Holy Spirit... YOUR PRESENCE & POWER in this Godforsaken earth… may Your Kingdom REIGN here… on earth… just as it is in Heaven.

First is You.

Always You.

Forever You.

Only You.

Nothing else.

No one else.

Not now.

Not ever.

There is NO House… we are lost sheep... without You. Literally, the blind leading the blind. In the name and blood of Jesus Christ, the KING of Kings, the Only LORD, I plead and pray... until, Amen.







Your sister #INChrist who loves you more than you know,







Won’t you pray for #UnityINChrist… for God's churches worldwide?

I am praying daily... on earth as it is in Heaven.

Just as He says.